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How To Grow Morel Mushrooms Indoors In Less Than 2 Months

How To Grow Morel Mushrooms Indoors

How to grow Morel mushrooms indoors? Morels are a very NOT well understood mushroom but they have been grow successfully indoors since 1982.

Morel mushrooms have been cultivated successfully indoors since 1982 by Ron Ower.  Immediately after he figured it out he filed and received two patents on his work as well as G. Mills and J. Malachowski.

Don’t be discouraged just because they patented their methods.  Every mushroom that has been successfully cultivated indoors can be grown by more than one method.  Just modify the parameters a little and you wont been in violation of their patent.

One big thing to keep in mind with growing Morels is that you will probably only have a 40% success rate and that is just the way this elusive mushroom is.

People have struggled with trying to understand this mushroom forever and still don’t completely understand it.  That is part of the reason for it’s huge following and why people are willing to pay so much for it during the Morel season.

Now, let’s see how to grow Morel mushroom indoors…

How To Grow Morel Mushrooms Indoors

growing morel mushrooms indoors

The important thing to understand about growing Morel mushrooms indoors is that it is not guaranteed to work.  Some people have success and others don’t.

Don’t be discouraged though….That’s just the way the Morel mushroom is.  Even in nature…Just because it grew in one location one year doesn’t mean that it will grow again the next year.

In nature we are looking at a 40% success rate, so we will give ourselves the same odds.  If you get more than 4 attempts to grow out of 10 then you are doing a good job!

Now let’s see how to get our own Morel mushrooms growing indoors in the next 2 months…

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How to Grow Morel Mushrooms Indoors In Less Than 2 Months

Here is the recipe to grow the Morel indoors:

  1. 50% organic compost.
  2. 30% potting soil.
  3. 20% sand.
  4. Some pickling lime to get the pH level to 7.2.

You may also want to add some wood chips or wood shavings into your substrate from Elm trees, Ash trees or Apple trees.  Also, a cup of some fresh ash from these trees would also be good.

mushroom grow kit from spores

Put your substrate in a pan:

  1. Take a clean/sterile cake pan and put some water drain holes in the bottom.
  2. Put 2 inches of the substrate mix into a pan (Should be moist).
  3. Mix in some Morel mushroom spawn.

Morel Incubation:

  1. Put your tray in a dark tote (or any dark room) where the temperature is between 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 90% humidity.
  2. In 4 to 6 weeks the whole thing should be covered with white mycelium and maybe some schlerotia (brown looking lumps) on the surface.

Season Change Simulation:

  1. Place the tray in the refrigerator at 39 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 weeks.
  2. If using a cycle timer for fresh air you will want 2 to 4 air exchanges per hour.

Fruiting the Morel Mushroom:

  1. Remove it from the fridge and place it in a fruiting area at around 72 degrees Fahrenheit and 90% humidity.
  2. Use 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness.
  3. The Morels should start to grow within a week.
  4. If using a cycle timer for fresh air you will want 2 to 4 air exchanges per hour.

For more information on how to create the necessary growing environments in your house, check out our other article here:

how to grow mushrooms at home

Wrapping Up

Most people choose to hunt this mushroom instead of trying to cultivate it.  It seems they heard it can’t be done and therefore most people haven’t even tried.

We do recommend that you still hunt this elusive mushroom because it truly is the perfect mushroom to hunt.  It pops up in different places every year and when they are in season there is a whole culture of people that hunt them.

The advantage to growing your own is that you can enjoy eating fresh Morel mushroom all year long instead of having to wait until the season starts in March and ends in June.  Heck, imagine how cool it would be to sell fresh Morel mushrooms at the farmers market in the middle of winter.

If you would like to grow Morel mushroom outdoors, then check out our other article here:


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  1. Dear Oliver,

    I am a lawyer by profession and I have an organic olive oil farm as my side business. I live in Limassol, Cyprus and my farm is at an altitude of 600m. I am a nature lover and looking to have more income from my farm instead of olive oil. Started reading a lot about mushrooms, making my search for my country in respect of different species needed in the market and since I have land and facilities am looking to start a feasibility study with the aim to start a mushroom business.

    I am looking for:
    1) Professional advice and guidance on what kinds of mushrooms I can cultivate,
    2) Processing also so that I can export if possible,
    3) Professional advice as to what construction I have to make, (any companies that do this) humidity and everything needed for the construction aspect so that I have a clear picture of the construction costs,
    4) Looking for a consultant that will assist with the above and am also interested to partner if there is interest from you side.

    If you can help and we can move forward please advice

    Best Regards

    1. For the types of mushrooms many people make a lot of money selling oyster mushrooms and shiitake to local restaurants and at the farmers market.

      As far as the construction goes it will greatly depend on what you have available currently but in general you will need the following rooms:

      1. Utility Room (for mixing and sterilizing your substrates)
      2. Incubation Room
      3. Fruiting Room

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